Our Promise

At Dream Design Partners WE WORK FOR YOU, not for our bottom line.

Dream Design Partners offers the greatest value. A traditional contractor will “mark up” their costs by 50% or more as well as minimize their cost for the materials, often sacrificing quality in return for a better builder profit margin. With Dream Design Partners, your project is completed AT COST with no mark up for either materials or labor. A 10% Personal Construction Management Fee is your only marginal cost to secure the project of your dreams.

Dream Design Partners Logo

Dream Design Partners promises to:

  • Let you take as much or as little control of your project as you want

  • Give you the highest quality of work and service, no matter what your project is

  • Let you choose how much of the work you want to do

  • Put your best interests above all else so you get the best results possible, at the best price


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