Do It Yourself

Based in Pittsburgh and serving the surrounding areas, Dream Design & Build Partners is your Personal Project Consultant. Our process provides you with complete control of your project. You bring whatever level of skill and input to the project that you want to bring, and Dream Design & Build Partners brings everything else that you need for the quality result you’re dreaming of. 

Dream Design & Build Partners works as your Personal Construction Manager, helping to guide you and the team you bring to the project to do as much of the work you want to do, and provides the additional skilled help you need – at cost.

Let Dream Design & Build Partners show you what you’re capable of. Our proven system takes the idea of Do-it-Yourself to a whole new level!

Dream Design & Build Partners Offers:

  • A visual representation of what your project will look like
  • The skills to define your project’s scope and objectives
  • Identification of the ”design / build” trades your project needs
  • Project management
  • Development of bid criteria
  • Evaluation of the bids you receive
  • Budget and cost management
  • Risk management
  • Guidance with the permit process
Kitchen Remodel Service in Mount Lebanon, PA

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